What household professionals are saying

“Town + Country is a great resource for Estate Managers, Personal Assistants and other household professionals to get connected with San Francisco’s finest families. The background requirements are more stringent than elsewhere, and it is definitely worth it. Town + Country works with many families over long periods of time, therefore knowing the business very well.”

- Tina, Estate Manager

“I feel so fortunate to have found my positions as a result of working with your agency. Thank you for your ongoing support, your consistent availability to answer questions and for checking in with me from time to time. Your entire staff has been incredibly supportive and professional at all times. I can’t thank you enough.”

- Felicity, Personal Assistant

“In the five years I have been connected with you, I have always felt taken care of in the most professional way. It is always a real pleasure to deal with all of you and I sincerely appreciate your help in finding the right job.”

- Rosie, Executive Assistant

What clients are saying

“After our kids were too old to need a nanny, we realized we still needed help so we decided to hire a personal assistant. I tried to find one on my own but after a nightmare experience I realized I couldn’t do it on my own.

We asked our friends how they found their awesome assistant. They said they rely on Town + Country. I called Nancy and she found Alison, who is ideal. Hopefully she’ll stay with us until the end of time. Town + Country is worth every penny.”

- Anne, Writer and Mom

“Cynthia is great! Having a personal assistant has made my life feel so much roomier.
I’ve been more productive at work, and am enjoying my time with my children so much

I’m delighted that I used your services. Shannon Riehman helped me conduct a search
that resulted in finding the perfect PA who I could never have found on my own! Thanks

- Sandra, Entrepreneur and Mom

“Walter is an amazing chef! Guests are raving about him. Our last menu was unique, carefully thought out and just delicious. We are foodies and have high standards. The dinner that Walter planned and prepared for us was among the very best I’ve ever had.”

- Jocelyn, Business Owner

“I am very happy to report that after an extensive (but fast!) search with Kristine Lange at Town & Country, I have found the perfect couple to manage my homes. Kristine was very aware of the psychological component of the move, for the couple, for my family and my existing staff and made all of the components of bring new people on board work well for everyone.

I am very pleased with our new arrangement and feel this fit will be long lasting. It is a very personal decision to bring help into your life and the fit is extremely important to one’s well-being. I know Kristine put a lot of thought into helping this happen and was very supportive in many ways.”

- Susanne, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kristine Lange and Town & Country Resources to hire two Personal Assistant/Household Managers over the last several years. During each search process, Kristine took the time to thoroughly understand our needs in order to refer the appropriate candidates. She moved very quickly to send candidate resumes, schedule interviews and follow up after we met with the candidates. Kristine is prompt in returning my emails and phone calls and has worked diligently to ensure that there is a good match between our family and potential assistants. Additionally, Kristine has been an invaluable source in guiding me through all of the administrative details of having someone work in our home. I couldn’t be happier with the level of service provided by Kristine and her team and highly recommend them.”

- Barbara, Corporate Events Professional