Practice New Skills During Shelter-in-Place

As we are all aware, the world has changed a lot in a very short period of time due to the Coronavirus, and

many domestic staffing professionals are unable to work under current “Shelterin-Place orders. We recommend using some of this time to invest in your career? and your future.? When it’s time to return to work, you will be ready and more prepared than ever!? 

Learn New Tricks of the Trade 

Whether you want to find the best product to clean a specific surface, the most efficient way to clean a kitchen, the best way to fold a fitted sheet or how to best organize a pantry, there are plenty of websites and videos available online to help further your skillset.? While there are plenty of free resources available online, if you are looking for a more formal education in housekeeping,? check out Marta Perrone’s website where there?a number of?online courses available for purchase.? 

Practice These New Skills 

While you have it, use your extra time to practice your newfound skills in your own home. Reorganize your linen cabinet, tackle a pantry project, clear out your refrigerator, color coordinate your closet and dressers. When you go back to work, you’ll be able to implement your new skills effectively and efficiently. Be sure to snap before and after pictures so you can track your progress and show off your work! 

Prepare for the Future? 

With this extra time, we should all be reflecting on how we can best protect ourselves and our families during unforeseen economic difficulties. If you do not already have a household savings plan in place, consider setting aside even just a small amount per paycheck for your savings once you are able to return to work.? You can also trim some of your unnecessary expenses now. Here are some ideas from Nerd Wallet.?  

Learn about Payment Options for Future Jobs  

Now is a great time to learn about the benefits of being paid legally such as Homepay. One of the most notable benefits of having taxes legally withheld from your paycheck is that you are potentially eligible for unemployment insurance or disability payments if you are unable to work. Staying informed is the best way to help yourself and your family when faced with??unexpected?hardship. 

We know these are very stressful and uncertain times. Town + Country is committed to being here for you every step of the way. We are happy to point you in the right direction of reputable resources for new skills, budgeting tools and questions about unemployment and payroll services. As always, we will be an ear to listen to your concerns. Most importantly, we remain dedicated to helping you find the right job, whether that is now or once the SIP has been lifted.